AW-53 / AW-53Z


Non-Copper Coating GMAW Solid Wires
AWR offers USA made Non-Copper Coated (NCC) GMAW solid (MIG) wire as the AW-Z series. The AW-Z series possess better welding features when compared with the AW series, and equivalent in mechanical properties and chemical composition.

  • Better Arc stability
  • Lesser spatter
  • Good wire feed-ability
  • Excellent Arc re-start
  • Less fume emission

The AW-Z series is available for all MIG wires for high tensile strength steel.
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AWS A.518 ER70S; ASME SFA5.18; EN 14341-A G422M G2Si

Product Guide
(1) AW-53 / AW-53Z are ideal for performing short circuit transfer welds with mixed gases. These electrodes feature are versatile with puddle fluidity, high crack resistance, fine spatter, as well as thin slag. AW-53 / AW-53Z are perfect choices for sheet metal welding which requires smooth weld beads.
(2) AW-53 / AW-53Z are general purpose GMAW wires for both single and multi-pass welds.

Diameter Range
0.035" to 1/16"

Spool, Drum

33lb, 44lb, 60lb Spool ; 250lbs, 330lbs, 550lbs, 750lbs, 800lbs Drum