Non-Copper Coating GMAW Solid Wires
AWR offers USA made Non-Copper Coated (NCC) GMAW solid (MIG) wire as the AW-Z series. The AW-Z series possess better welding features when compared with the AW series, and equivalent in mechanical properties and chemical composition.

  • Better Arc stability
  • Lesser spatter
  • Good wire feed-ability
  • Excellent Arc re-start
  • Less fume emission

The AW-Z series is available for all MIG wires for high tensile strength steel.
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AWS A5.18 ER80S-G; ASME SFA5.18; EN 14341-A G420C G0

Product Guide
(1) AW-55 is suitable for welding 490, 520, and 540N/mm2 grade steel at high currents as well as extreme interpass temperatures.
(2) Due to its special alloy contents, it provides weldability, stable arc, low spatter, and mechanical properties. AW-55's other benefits include higher heat input and interpass temperatures.

Diameter Range
0.035" to 1/16"

Spool, Drum

33lb, 44lb, 60lb Spool ; 250lbs, 330lbs, 550lbs, 750lbs, 800lbs Drum