American Wire Research

American Wire Research (AWR) is a newly opened welding wire manufacturing plant in Pittsburgh, PA.

Brand Strategy: AWR mainly supplies high quality welding products to distributors in either AWR brand or private label for the packaging of your choice. Brand Committment: AWR strives to develop a strong distribution network and support our partners with technical knowledge and experience.

Brand Policy: AWR provides OEM labeling, packaging and certifications when requested. These initial costs are expressed outside the base pricing. Transportation costs, when quoted, are the result of the best pricing that AWR can source at the same time and will be passed on to our partners without mark-up.

American Wire Research (AWR) is a member of the KUANG TAI GROUP from Taiwan. KUANG TAI has extensive experience producing carbon steel and stainless steel wire drawing for different applications, including welding wire, cold heading wire, weaving wire, braiding wire and EPQ wire.

AWR manufactures “Made-In-USA” welding wire in Pennsylvania with quality proven wire-making technology, and ensures of its consistant quality with top of the line QA/QC labortory.

AWR positions itself as supplier to distributors and wholesalers with a comprehensive range of MIG, Flux-Cored, Stick Electrode and Cut-Length prodcuts, from mild steelstainless steelduplexNi-Alloy to Metal-Cored